Graphic Display of the Scope of Aviation Safety

aviation safety runway map
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Geographic Scope of Aviation Safety

Each Blue Dot Represents an Airport Runway

The industry in which we work depends on each of us to focus on the specific task assigned to attain the highest levels of safety. That myopic view may contribute to not seeing the enormity of our work. The above map and the words below remind each aviation safety professional of the geographic scope, if not critical importance, of what we do.

“Each blue dot in the map above represents an airport runway. Overall, there were 45,132 runways in the world when this map was created in 2014. There are still airport expansions being built today, despite the environmental cost: the British prime minister approved construction of a third runway at London Heathrow in October, despite strong opposition and a member of parliament resigning over the issue.

With such an established global network of airports, it’s easy to see why air travel is so popular. Planes can reach almost everywhere you want to go. It’s fast: the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a cruise speed of around 647mph. Flying is also getting cheaper: air fares declined almost every month in 2016.”

What you do is so important, keep focused!!!


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