Aviation Safety is every employee’s First Job

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Aviation safety should not just involve the suits, but MUST include everyone in the organization. The below attached article highlights an effective method of reaching all employees.

Great idea; all should emulate if they do not already have one in place.

Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport is managed by JFKIAT. The company announced an inaugural award ceremony for “Safety Employees of the Year.” The company has had a program which recognized their team of workers at JFKIAT on a monthly basis. The new reward provides cash awards and company-wide recognition on an annual basis.

The recent individuals receiving this honor included:

  • Jose Cobo and Rafael De Leon of ABM, pictured above, for their quick thinking when they observed a fellow employee suffering a seizure while driving a car, headed for a disaster. These two men put their vehicle in a line to stop the other fellow’s car. For their action, they each were given a check for $750.
  • Corey Clarke, of Swissport International, also faced a crisis of a uncontrolled car (unattended and it slipped into gear) heading towards an aircraft. Mr. Clarke jumped into the rolling car, arrested it and saved considerable personal and aircraft damage. His award was $500.
  • Glenn Brereton and Garfield Grant, both of Caribbean Airlines’ Maintenance team, extinguished a small fire at a gate with a parked aircraft. For their quick thinking, Brereton and Grant were awarded $250 each.

Senior management from JFKIAT, Barbara Margulis, Vice President of Safety for JFKIAT, added the following comment:

“This program aims to encourage every JFKIAT Terminal 4 employee to practice safety every day by being diligent and attentive…These are the principles that JKFIAT instills in all employees at Terminal 4, allowing us to be leading the path for airport safety.”

This is an exquisite top-down/bottom-up example of one of the rationales behind Safety Management Systems. The designers of this systemic approach to improving safety performance emphasize that the creation of this approach must include a 360° perspective by bringing employees from every discipline (including accounting and personnel, for example) and from every level (the C Suite down to the ramp staff) in the exercise to identify and address risks.

The JFKIAT Awards program reinforces safety culture to the individuals who work the line. Such ceremonies help to remind everyone that safety is every employee’s First Job.

ARTICLE: JFK Terminal 4 Announces Safety Employee Of The Year Award

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