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This is the eighteenth Potpourri edition.

This information resource is intended to capture some of the articles about the coronavirus impact on aviation. Not included are, for example, the high profile battles over the grants/loans under CARES, but stories of how the aviation safety personnel are dealing with this epidemic.



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Major US airlines have created a ‘no fly list’ for travelers who refuse to wear face coverings during the pandemic

Austrian Airlines Calls for Comprehensive COVID-19 Testing to Replace General Landing and Entry Bans

Italian aviation authority issues warning to Ryanair over Covid-19 safety rules – EU Policies

Strict Mask Rules? Empty Middle Seats? We Compare Airlines’ COVID-19 Policies

Southwest Airlines no longer sanitizing armrests and seatbelts between flights, memo says

Alaska Air flight delayed after several passengers refuse to wear masks

More Airlines Announce Stricter Face Mask Policies

Consequences of Corona pandemic have a considerable impact on Lufthansa result – Aviation News



Latest traffic data shows disastrous COVID-19 impact on airport industry

Exposed to Travelers, Airport Workers Rally for Bill that Would Pay for Their Healthcare

Woman hits Phoenix airport gate agent after being denied boarding for not wearing a mask

Connecting In US Airports During COVID-19 – How Long Do You Need? – Simple Flying


TJ Kim flying med supplies to hospitals


Air Ambulances Successfully Navigating Covid Skies

Bombardier Sees Bizjet Delivery Drop

Summer Demand Drives Bizav Recovery, but Not Everywhere

In Virtual Discussion, NBAA Sounds Note of Cautious Optimism for Bizav Recovery | NBAA – National Business Aviation Association

Reluctance to fly commercial boosts air charters in Jacksonville – Jacksonville Business Journal

Argus: July Bizav Flights Off 20%, but Strengthening




Airbus soars through COVID-19 turbulence – Airline Ratings

£1bn bailout for UK aerospace

Aerospace bosses in £1bn fund to prop up suppliers

Aerospace Suppliers Brace for Hard Landing

Spirit AeroSystems’ furloughs ending for about 900 employees – Wichita Business Journal


et ceteraPandemic a time for transit innovation, panel says

Future of Air Travel – What Will Flying Look Like Post COVID-19?

Coronavirus: Air travel’s sudden collapse will reshape a trillion-dollar industry

Traveling during coronavirus: How to get through airport security faster – and safer

Aviation Experts Suggest Coronavirus May Change Flying For The Better

A Hartford business is training out-of-work pilots to fly drones as coronavirus pandemic limits travel

AviationPros Special Report: How the Industry is Working to Combat COVID-19

Rosie Riveting then and Masking Now

Rosie the Riveter now and then


94-year-old ‘Rosie the Riveter’ once made warplanes and red bandannas. Now she makes face masks with the same cloth.

One of the original ‘Rosie the Riveters’ is now making masks to help defeat coronavirus

Just one of the authentic ‘Rosie the Riveters’ is now earning masks to assistance defeat coronavirus


world infected with COVID-19


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