Aviation Mentoring Advice & Resource Reference List:
one way to gain career altitude in Aviation or to help the future

aviation mentoring
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Aviation Mentoring

Supporting Aviation’s Future

jennie santoroJennie Santoro, an AVIATIONPRO 40 Under 40, wrote a very illuminating article urging all in aviation to aid to our/her profession by assisting young professionals to help them navigate their professional growth within the industry, and critical to the aviation community, to develop a strong group of future leaders and experts. Her rational is that in such a dynamic industry career, providing advice to young talent will assure that the leadership of our industry will be as or more capable as aviation’s past. At an Airport Consultants Council, the HNTB architect shared some observations.

Here are the major headings of her talk:

  • Mentoring within an Organization vs. Within an Industry
    • Both internal and external assistance is useful
  • Finding Mentors
    • A key is to seek people with a compatible personality
  • The Importance of Networking
    • Can’t be underestimated and professional industry associations are target rich
  • The Path to Success
    • Mentor guidance on career path goals cited as a BIG +
  • Key Learnings
    • “Mentoring doesn’t always involve just one person but a collection of knowledge passed down from experienced people in the industry. Mentors are an essential part of every successful career.”

Here are some possible resources for aviation professional starting their careers or for those already launched to help others:

  1. Aviation Mentor Blog
  2. Aviation Educator Mentoring Program
  3. Aviation Mentor- Flight instructor
  4. Pilot Mentoring Program
  5. Mentor : The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  6. FAA employees
  7. Help finding a Mentor in Aerospace Engineering | Physics
  8. ForumsMentoring the Next Generation of Engineers – ASME
  9. Aviation Consultants Council
  10. Women in Aviation International
  11. Professional Women CONTROLLERS ASSOCIATION
  12. Alaska Airlines Mentoring Program
  13. Delta Airlines Mentoring Program
  14. Aspiring to New Heights: ALPA’s Women in Aviation
  15. FAA Mentoring Programs For Airline Hires
  16. Hawaiian Aircraft Mechanic Apprenticeship Program
  17. Jet Blue Gateway Program
  18. Southwest Mentoring Program
  19. FedEx African-American Network launches new mentoring
  20. NBAA Mentoring
  21. Boeing: College and Early Career: Rotational Programs
  22. Airbus marks 10 years in Wichita with new mentoring program
  23. Alabama A & M and Pratt & Whitney enter Mentor-Protege
  24. Pratt & Whitney Manufacturing Engineering Development Program
  25. Become a Mentor Pilot | EAA
  26. Mentor Matters: Smooth as glass – AOPA
  27. My Flight Blog: Becoming an AOPA Project Pilot Mentor
  28. Trade and Industrial Education – Glencoe
  29. Small Business Development Program (SBDP): FAA Mentor
  30. Raisbeck Aviation Programs / Aviation Careers
  31. Aerospace Industries Association of America Inc.
  32. Refreshing the Regional Mentor Program – PASS
  33. Skyways Pathways Program
  34. The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) has launched an Aviation Educator Mentoring Program
  35. And many more


aviation mentorship

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one way to gain career altitude in Aviation or to help the future"

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