Aviation Innovation is NOW

aviation innovation
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Aviation Innovation

Current Advancements Unthought of 10 Years Ago

JETSONS future aviationFor many, the 1960s television show, The Jetsons, seemed impossibly futuristic. Today, these flying personal vehicles are on drafting boards and marketing organizations have delivery dates on their schedules IN THE NEAR TERM.

As technology evolves and passenger demand multiplies, “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION” (Mater artium necessitas, circa 1519) becomes the mantra of aviation.

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The current news announces advancements that 5 or 10 years were unknown and even unthought of—

  1. How 3D Printing is Set to Distrupt the Aviation Industry

aviation 3d printingAircraft manufacturers are starting to heed the call. Textron Aviation bought the new engine for its new private business propeller plane, the Cessna Denali. The turboprop engine plays a large part in the new aircraft’s offerings, giving the comfort and convenience of a private jet at a fraction of the price. To keep costs down and performance high, the engine features 3D printed titanium and steel components in place of hundreds of individually manufactured parts.

… the design combines the best of jet and turboprop tech, including jet engine technologies that have never before been used in a turboprop of this size. That includes mechanisms that increase pressure and temperature inside the compressor and turbine, extracting more work while allowing the pilot to control the engine and propeller with a single lever, just like with a jet. According to GE, this design uses 20 percent less fuel and 10 percent more power than equivalent engines.

  1. Cirrus Vision Jet Earns EASA Nod and Logs First European Delivery

cirrus vision jet easaCirrus Aircraft cofounder and president Dale Klapmeier’s SF50 Vision Jet was type certificated by EASA. The Vision is a $1.995million SF50 is powered by a single 1,800-pound-thrust Williams FJ33-5A turbofan. The cockpit is equipped with the Cirrus Perspective Touch cockpit based (Garmin G3000 avionics based suite) and with a ballistic whole-aircraft parachute system. That’s innovation!!!

Wait until Part 23 is fully in place. Then, these announcements will be even more astounding at a fantastic rate.

It would be interesting to see what the Wright Brothers would think of this. At least, they would be pleased that Burt Rutan sees the value of a canard.

Burt Rutan


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