Think Globally, Act Locallyprivate sector Aviation green initiatives are delivering benefits NOW

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ACI and CANSO are implementing important environmental benefits to communities now while international organizations are thinking globally.

Some believe that the initiatives which come from the private sector can achieve their goals more quickly and more effectively than the efforts of government which is encumbered by policy reviews and processes. ICAO, its parent organization, the UN, the EU/EASA and the FAA, among others are considering a number of initiatives which may take years to reach consensus and even longer for consensus. Some of the proposals which are being considered, especially those emanating from the EU, are being steadfastly opposed by the US. A UN convention, called COP21, will soon vote on an Environmentally Trading Scheme, which even ICAO opposes.g11

In contrast to the necessary governmental deliberative processes, ACI-International and Civil Aviation Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) jointly issued a publication, Managing the Impacts of Aviation Noise, (MAIN) a best practice guide for reducing aviation noise, especially for communities near airports. MAIN recommends key principles for organizing local actions and suggests immediate tactics for better community interactions, including effective communication, transparency and education.


ACI’s director general, Angela Gittens, commented:

“The aviation industry needs to address the concerns of local communities about aviation noise to maintain the support of governments and the general public and to maintain our licence to operate.

The industry must do more, work collaboratively and pool its collective ingenuity and innovative capabilities, to develop solutions that address the noise challenge. This publication provides a template for action on noise.”

Jeff Poole, director general, CANSO, added:

“The aviation industry has achieved substantial and measurable reductions in noise over the last 50 years through a mixture of airframe and engine technology and operational efforts. But the problem still exists and we must make every effort to mitigate the impact of aviation noise for people on the ground, especially those living around airports.

This excellent publication provides airport operators, air navigation service providers (ANSP) and other aviation stakeholders with the tools to take further action on this vital issue for our industry.

Key to our success in reducing noise is partnership and joint action among airports, airlines and air traffic management, engaging with local communities, to deliver measurable results.

We are now rolling this initiative out to CANSO Members through the aid of regional expert champions and through workshops at CANSO regional conferences, as well as other global and regional events.”

Now that MAIN is in the hands of airports and CANSO’s members, these ideas will quickly be translated into real world benefits. The association of ATC service providers also has produced detailed procedures for a green agenda and another paper to reduce noise impacts.

On a more macro example of greening of aviation is discussed in the second article. There ACI-International’s North American partner, ACI-NA announced that ten Canadian and US airports that have achieved certification under the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. The examples of local immediate attainment of this environmental standard include Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Portland International Airport, Portland Hillsboro Airport, Portland Troutdale Airport, Victoria International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Denver International Airport, Honolulu International Airport, and Toronto Pearson International Airport.


These accredited facilities are reducing their emissions by making investments in heating and lighting efficiency technology, electric, hybrid or gas-powered vehicles, public transport incentive schemes, less corporate travel, and stakeholder engagement to encourage further emissions reductions. Immediate environmental benefits are being delivered to the public, now.g66

The world needs to know about all of the innovative, aggressive actions which aviation is taking. Congratulations to Ms. Gittens and Mr. Poole for creating MAIN and to ACI for their Airport Carbon Accreditation.


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