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aviation art
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Aviation Art

When you play the word association game, it is highly unlikely that when queried as to what you think about when you hear the word “aviation,” it is highly unlikely that the first word which would come to mind would be “art.” Maybe you might say “fast,” “wing” or “lift.” The world of aeronautics is filled with images of pilots, flight attendants, engineers, controllers and the like. Wrong exhaust breath!

Renowned aeronautical engineer Kelly Johnson, the aviation “engineer/designer/architect” of Lockheed, is quoted as saying:

“All great airplanes are beautiful to behold.”

The planes, which his signature bears, include:

aviation art

P-38 Lightning                                                               Constellations                                          Blackbird

Here are two surprising examples of the crossover between aviation and art:

  1. These are some of the most beautiful airports in the world—here are a few examples of exteriors and internal art work judges to be artworthy!

aviation art

Some of these may be located in airports to which you fly, but the art remains invisible because you were rushing past these elegant expressions of beauty.

  1. Now that’s a first class shed! Aviation fan turns old Airbus passenger jet into £25,000 luxury pods for the garden—this next example involves the use of discarded fuselages. Metal shells, which are otherwise likely to be scrapped and melted down, are transformed into attractive shelters. Here are a few from the collection:

aviation art


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