ARSA provides the #s needed for stimulating AMT qualifications

ARSA AMT qualifications
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ARSA Study on AMT Shortage

The Numbers Justify Spending Federal Funds to Stimulate Jobs

The need for an infusion of qualified AMTs has been discussed here multiple times:

•  Aviation Maintenance Market Up & looking to find future talent

•  ARSA AMT qualificationsThe Super Bowl of aviation mechanics’ skills creates an audience of future safety professionals

•  Shortage of Pilots & Mechanics needs an immediate, aggressive & comprehensive response by academia, industry & the FAA

•  Green’s Donation to CCCC’s AMT program to stimulate needed Mechanics

ARSA conducted a survey to quantify the extent of the impact of this technician deficit plus it cast the personnel problem into revenue loss:

Fifty-five percent of respondents to ARSA’s recent member survey reported having unfilled positions. Based on the average number of vacancies at the responding organizations, the association estimates its members have 1,045 open technical jobs. The total economic loss figure – $185 million – was derived by multiplying the number of open positions by the $177,000 in average annual revenue per employee reported by respondents.

Projected across the entire population of FAA-certificated repair stations in the United States, the number of open positions may be close to 11,000.  If those positions go unfilled, the industry could stand to miss out on as much as $1.95 billion in economic activity in 2017.

The association urges Congress to consider this finding while crafting its 2017 legislative agenda. The Washington Aviation policy community can use the ARSA numbers to justify spending federal funds for such initiatives. Now an equation of $X millions of appropriated dollars would result in ~11,000 open positions being filled and that would add $1.95 billion of additional industry income in 201Y!!!

The residents of Capitol Hill can select options of the specific stimuli to be used, like:

arsa amt qualifications Funds to help community colleges to acquire equipment and educators needed to train AMT students; and/or

•  Create a scholarship fund for education of candidates to encourage their entry at the schools; and/or

•  Give private Part 145 Schools incentives to attract new students

○  So many workers are being made technologically unemployable; create paths to the AMT career

○  Unemployment is high in urban areas; so locate schools in these areas

Industry now should see the returns in sponsoring positions at local Part 145 Schools; offering grants to students and direct them to the most important skill needs; establishing joint education/apprentice programs; etc.

The history of this deficiency is filled with “the sky is falling” complaints. The ARSA study makes it clear that there will be return on public/private partnerships to increase the qualified labor pool.


Skills Gap Could Cost Repair Stations $1.95 Billion in Revenue, Survey Finds
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