AOPA names Patty as its Pied Piper of Aviation!

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PRESS RELEASE: Wagstaff becomes AOPA Ambassador

The story of aviation needs to be told. There are many primed to criticize or cast aspersions about what we do. Past images of who we are and what we do are susceptible to such attacks. One particular problem area is the need to create a positive impression about those who fly today.

Gone are the days of the old commercial advertisements with the male pilot with graying temples. The industry, in particular, needs to attract a new generation of pilots . The Fortune magazine’s inclusion of Jamail Larkin in its list of top young entrepreneurs cannot hurt.

AOPA announced that Patty Wagstaff is the association’s ambassador was brilliant. She speaks with authority. She has won so many aerobatic competitions that her plane is enshrined in the National Air & Space Museum. Young men and women will listen to her as an authority; more importantly her accomplishments in her plane will attract a broad audience to any event at which she is featured.


This ambassador will command attention and draw new people to enjoy and even join aviation. Great idea Mark Baker

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