Another fine mess from the European Commission

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News Article: Another fine mess from the European Commission

Libertarian columnists are not the normal source for aviation safety commentary, but the article speaks logically and lucidly on an important aviation safety matter. For some strange reason the European Union (EU) has decided that to fly within European airspace, the pilot must have an European Aviation Safety Agencyi (EASA) license. For a hundred years of aviation regulations, one sovereign recognizes the certification of the other’s pilot certification. The predicate to such a drastic change would be a recent track record of foreign pilots involved in accidents, but there is none with regard to US flight professionals.

What the EU’s action will induce is a lot of unnecessary bureaucratic action. As noted in the article this “license” may be motivated by EASA’s willingness to collect revenues for the EU. What is equally befuddling is the FAA’s apparent failure to stop its European counterpart from this departure from historic precedent. It may be reminiscent of the FAA’s inaction in response to the EU Hushkit proposal; there, nothing really happened until the industry complained and then the US got active. Industry where are you on this one? This is a bad idea and the FAA with industry support should take a stand.

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