Another Example of GAMA’s leadership to a Better Regulatory Regime for GA

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ARTICLE: GAMA Files Comments in Support of FAA Airman Certification Standards for Pilot Training


The folks at GAMA are influencing the future of the certification and operation of the aircraft which their members manufacture. The GAMA participation in the proposed revision of Part 23 contributed to a truly innovative recast of those rules which have become stultifying to the development of small aircraft. Now their visionary approach has impacted the certification of pilots.

As stated by Jens Hennig, GAMA’s Vice President of Operations, who chaired the FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) that proposed the establishment of the ACS, “The creation of the Airman Certification Standards framework addresses concerns raised from across the aviation training community that the existing practical test and knowledge test are outdated and need to better focus on safety priorities.” More specifically, the ARC created a single set of standards for the Practical Test Standards and the knowledge section, thus creating an integrated educational target for instructing prospective pilots that bridge Part 61 with skills and risk management.

As with the Part 23 ARC, this joint industry/regulators task force included the FAA, GAMA members (manufacturers), pilot and instructor training organizations, universities, and aviation training providers and material developers. These perspectives incorporated the people most familiar with the real needs of students to become proficient in the cockpit. Thus, the draft rule balances the historical regulatory requirements with state-of-art learning philosophy and techniques.

The docket closed on May 24, 2013 (comments can still be filed here). The GAMA and other submissions (98 in total) are available at the electronic docket. Many are thoughtful insights from pilots, a few reflect a general aversion to anything regulatory and several (like the University Aviation Association) merit careful reading. It is set up like a blog so it is possible for anyone to agree, disagree or submit a variation on a theme!

The GAMA press release closes with a comment that merits quotation with only a notation that it is SO TRUE:

“The development of the ACS is one of three joint-FAA/industry programs focused on enhancing general aviation safety. Work is also underway to reorganize the Part 23 airplane certification standards and to analyze and establish data-driven risk mitigations under the auspices of the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC). GAMA’s comments to the FAA on the draft ACS (Docket No. FAA-2013-0316) are available at under Advocacy.”

GAMA’s leadership on these issues should be commended as a critical element of moving aviation towards a brighter future.

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