ALPA Offers National Aviation Policy Statement as Method for the Obama Administration to Help the Airlines

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ARTICLE: U.S. Airlines Need a Level Playing Field to Compete Against Foreign Airlines


Captain Lee Moak, the president of the Airline Pilots Association, made a major policy speech to the Aero Club of Washington. He urged the Administration, likely to listen to a union in 2012, to adopt a policy statement that would meet 3 goals stated in his presentation:

  • enhancing the business environment,
  • defending U.S. aviation jobs in the international marketplace, and
  • enhancing international aviation safety regulations through the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Moak indicated that ALPA would be open to working with the airlines to establish a national aviation policy. It is clear that ALPA and A4A would agree on many of the points made in the White Paper, such as removing many of the taxes that burden the airlines, placing a moratorium on onerous passenger/consumer regulations and reducing speculation on fuel futures. Whether solidarity, between management and labor, would extend to the ALPA flight and duty time rules and/or safeguarding jobs in code sharing agreements/alliances is an open question.

Good start, but as always, the devil is in the details.

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