the future of airport security technology; The eyes may have it

Airport Security Technology
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Airport Security Technology

Biometric Scanning for Single Token Travel

  • Arriving two-three hours before departure,
  • long lines,
  • hassles,
  • showing the TSA your ID and boarding pass,
  • taking shoes/belts/coats off (and then back on),
  • getting your laptop out of your briefcase,
  • emptying your pockets,
  • going through primary and sometimes secondary “x-ray” inspection

have collectively made the air travel a negative experience. Enduring that is a ritual demonstration by Americans to ISIS, al-Qaeda and others that our Nation will not be deterred.

Technology, facial recognition technology, may be countering this threat.

airport facial recognitionA new identification system is being tested at Brisbane Airport. Smart Path, by SITA, tracks the passenger throughout the terminal from check-in to boardingwithout boarding passes, passports or other travel documents along the way through the terminal. The necessary integration can be implemented by using the existing airport’s common-use infrastructure, kiosks and boarding gates, if they are linked to travel documents to the biometric data for the passenger.

airport biometric camerasRockwell Collins announced a similar system; it registers the passenger’s identity at check-in and self-service bag drop unit. The passenger’s face is captured by a biometric camera, linked to his or her passport and boarding pass and matched against a pre-existing biometric data base.

airport passive iris scanningClear, the US company working with TSA, is developing and then installing passive iris scanning system. Once complete, one of its members will be able to keep moving from the moment he or she enters the fast-access lane to the moment of TSA screening. The Clear sensors will read the Iris signature.


Brisbane Airport eases passenger journey through biometrics
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