Airbus, NA selects T. Allan McArtor for its next CEO

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ARTICLE: Airbus Picks U.S. Jet Boss to Run North America Business

McArtorAirbus has had great success in selling its products to American customers. One reason for the European company’s positive record in the tough and large US market is its ability to pick strong, knowledgeable executives to lead Airbus, NA. From Alan Boyd to the most recent CEO, Sean O’Keefe, the Toulouse leaders have selected individuals with great insights into the US government, good executive records and personalities well suited to sales and lobbying. While Airbus has worked hard to establish US manufacturing and distribution presences, it has recognized that in dealing with the Congress, the Executive Branch and customers, Airbus, NA’s chief executive officer should be wrapped in the American flag.

T. Alan McArtor fits well into this lineage. A USAF Academy graduate (where he was a wing commander), a former Thunderbird, a former Academy Associate Professor of Engineering, an alumnus of the Fred Smith on-the-job school of management at FedEx, a retired FAA Administrator (during a very contentious era for the FAA), airline executive, and now a member of the Airbus, NA team for over a decade. While he was at the FAA, I had the privilege of being an enthusiastic member of his senior management team; so his abilities are known on a first-hand basis.

Airbus has selected an excellent leader to continue its growth here.

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