What’s up Toulouse? From A380 to Airbus Aerial!!!

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Airbus Aerial

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You know Toulouse, the quaint town in which the multinational aerospace company, Airbus, is headquartered and where it assembles its commercial aircraft, like the behemoth A380. Well, the Boeing competitor is establishing a new company, Airbus Aerial in Atlanta, GA. What’s that?

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No, Airbus Aerial is not the innovative new product, the Vahana, which will revolutionize urban transportation from ground to air avenues. That aerial vehicle will transition Airbus from rolling out commercial aircraft to be sold in the uber competitive global airline market to a Detroit-like assembly line to individual consumers. In the present regulatory context, the Vahana will have to receive governmental approval before sales can begin.

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Airbus Aerial is a service company offering the range of the Toulouse expertise to companies which want to get an aerial view of their businesses and marketplace.

The Airbus Aerial website explains its mission:

Fusing Airbus’ constellation of high-resolution satellites along with fleets of unmanned aircraft, Aerial can collect, analyze and distribute powerful, actionable data. But we focus first on what our customers need and then utilize the right tools for the job. airbus aerialThe power of Aerial is our ability to seamlessly integrate data from any aerospace asset, adapt to industry-specific problems and provide customized data solutions.

In the future, Aerial will focus on more than just providing insight from above. Our future service offerings will include aerial logistics to move physical goods more efficiently, along with high altitude aircraft to provide connectivity above remote areas or disaster struck cities. All leveraging the same digital services infrastructure.

Its prospective customers include first responders, insurance companies, telecommunication corporations, agricultural businesses, local & state governments. Through its Toulouse resources, Airbus Aerial will be able to deliver cutting edge technology as the parent company brings it to market.

jesse kallman president airbus aerialMoving to a consultancy is a bold move for a manufacturer and will position Toulouse closer to the future customers for its products. Jesse Kallman, President of Airbus Aerial, and his team will enter a competitive environment occupied by smaller organizations, likely to be highly entrepreneurial and with lower overheads. Kallman will have to convince customers that the Airbus expertise is worth the overhead burden and that connection will not mean that his team’s advice is not colored by a “Buy Airbus” product bias.

Airbus Aerial is a promising venture and it will be fascinating to track its progress; unfortunately, the surveillance will not include UAS-obtained data.


Airbus Creates New Commercial Drone Services Start-up “Airbus Aerial”
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