AIA Report adds to the Public’s Understanding of How and How Well Aviation Safety is Performing

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Knowledge is a powerful tool. Giving accurate Information provides the basis for confidence in a complex process like regulating safety.

This Report by AIA does an excellent job of explaining how the machine really works and does so in useful detail.

Some travelers suffer from some instinctive fear of flying and those, who are not so afflicted, appear mystified by how the FAA regulates safety. An average consumer assumes that there is a federal inspector at the end of every manufacturing plant checking for flaws and/or that there is 100% coverage of every flight in the country. Even Members of Congressional Committees with aviation oversight really do not know how the safety system functions. Given that warp between expectations and reality, responses to any news about the airlines, manufacturers, airports, etc. tend to be overwrought.

This association of manufacturers created a 16 page, well-illustrated and even more importantly well-document/described overview of the primary mechanisms which have raised safety performance to historic levels. The Report points out how data-driven analytical tools such as Safety Management Systems have focused the attention/resources of the FAA and industry on issues which are emerging as issues BEFORE they become problems. The paper explains how historically proven recognition of technical competence within industry (Organization Delegation Authority, Certified Design Organization) allows the overburdened FAA to delegate the ministerial functions to industry and thus frees up the government team to attend to critical and innovative elements of aircraft certification.

While AIA does a good job of fulfilling the “how the sausage is made” euphemism, the report adds some proof of how well the FAA-industry cooperative mechanisms are working. Here are some of the impressive graphics:




That’s an impressive proof of how well the aviation safety regulatory system is working. The audience must also be impressed with the statement that AIA and the industry are striving to further enhance the performance.

Great effort AIA and hopefully this Report will receive wide distribution.

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