Here are some insights: Patience, not Haste, is the best approach to getting the final UAS rules!

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ARTICLE: AMA And AUVSI Lead 33 Organizations In Calling On FAA To Expedite UAS Rulemaking


News flash: the world wants, nay demands, the issuance of the UAS rules tomorrow. The rational, read the attached article, is that there is an exploding industry out there which needs those regulations in order to begin to implement this most promising technology.

Deep insight #1 : the FAA knows that.

Deep insight #2: the FAA staff is working hard to issue a reasonable set of rule which will maximize the opportunities while maximizing public safety and creating a regulatory regime which is achievable.

Deep, deep insight #3: if compelled to promulgate the final set of regulations tomorrow, or even some other date in the near future when they still have not crafted all of the comprehensive operational and certification (not to mention privacy) standards, the rules will be VERY restrictive, The quickest rule to write is NO. It requires time to carefully craft a set of lines which allow an emerging industry to grow while meeting all of the public interests which must also be served.

Deep insight #4: writing a letter repeating what has been said in public many, many times and filing those same words in a docket requires one of the people who otherwise might be writing the new rules to write a response.

Deep insight #5: what might be productive would be to submit language to the docket which might be used in drafting a final rule.

Patience is a difficult concept to sell to association members; the 33 signatures on the letter must include associations that represent many, many individuals and companies which want to seize the UAS opportunities NOW. It is not that the FAA staff is intentionally trying to delay the issuance of the rules. The key concept that should be shared with those who live outside the Beltway is that the FAA is trying to write rules which require incredible precision and create incredible flexibility for the operators. THAT’S HARD. If you want it bad, you’ll get it bad. No guarantee that waiting will result in a perfect regime, but it will be much better than anything written in haste.

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