Adding Mr. Amin to FAA International Team a BIG PLUS

FAA, US Embassy New Delhi, South AsiaFAA, US Embassy New Delhi, South Asia
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White House sends Vishal Amin to India as top FAA rep


Washington: Vishal S. Amin has become the first Indian-American diplomat serving as the Senior Federal Vishal AminAviation Administration (FAA) regional representative for South Asia. Based out of the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, he will be the top FAA authority in South Asia on U.S. civil aviation, policies, practices and procedures. Amin is passionate about aviation safety and will also promote international aviation safety and efficiency.

Amin began his FAA career as an air traffic controller and went on to work in many leadership roles. He is a certified Commercial Pilot and Single and Multi-engine Flight Instructor. He has a Professional Certificate from the MIT and an Aeronautical Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Vishal served four years in the United States Air Force. Earlier, he also served as CEO of Aertron, Inc., a veteran-owned business providing innovative transportation solutions.

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Vishal’s selection as the FAA senior representative for South Asia is timely, in that the aviation safety deficiencies have been illuminated by recent accidents. This region has experienced substantial  growth in operations while the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) with the responsibility to regulate these flights have neither the numbers nor technical capabilities to keep up with the expanding airlines. The economic potential of these countries has attracted high level political attention to these CAAs, and the external requirements have been diminished.

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Here are some example of disturbing instances of this dissonance between regulatory supply and aviation demand:


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Virgin-Galactic-pilot-Todd-Ericson-shares-information-at-SpaceShipTwo-accident-site-Hart and Amin





The skill set of Mr. Amin is well suited for the challenges of his job. Pilot competence has been a big focus of ICAO and other bodies; the new Representative not only has his commercial but holds a Certified Flight Instructor ticket.

Airports and Air Traffic have been concerns across South Asia and in particular India; eight years working at an En Route Center should provide this man with great insight into this complex function.

As shown above, Vishal has participated at the highest levels of accident investigation, having such knowledge in New Delhi should provide assistance to the CAAs and should give the FAA with greater intelligence about crashes in this area.

The time at the NTSB also exposed him to the nuances of dealing with international CAAs.

The FAA’s international presence has suffered from reduction in staff and offices. Current events have not added to its stature. The addition of Mr. Amin is one positive step to improving our relations in this growing, influential sector of the globe.
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