Adams County DEN and CFO
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Adams County allows Home Development in the DEN noise contour

Adams County now wants Hypersonic Drone Rocket Test

All Aviation Associations oppose the Tests there for SAFETY 

Adams County is graciously supporting the addition of unmanned hypersonic drone rocket tests at the Colorado Air and Space Port (CASP). Drone rockets are not known for their quiet noise profiles.

That magnanimous gesture does not comport with city council members’ December 16, 2019 aggressive act in approving an ordinance tentatively adjusted its municipal zoning of a 98-acre parcel of land just south of a future DIA runway.

DEN and development

The ostensible purpose of this zoning change to allow a new development. The Westside residential project would be in both Denver and Aurora. Westside would have been precluded from erecting homes in that particular parcel, located between E-470 to the north and East 65th Avenue to the south, under the prior zoning designation, according to city documents. The approval appears to have been intended to make the DEN expansion difficult or impossible because of the correlative inverse noise condemnation.

Adams County is willing to take action to bring jobs within its borders in spite of the New Frontier Aerospace added operations  will bring more noise to its residents, while trying to inhibit the well-publicized, fully vetted future growth of Denver International, which as the cover graphic makes clear is carved out of Adams. Add to that apparent hypocrisy, the County seems unmoved by the safety concerns raised by aviation associations.

the two airports



(from Adams County website)

adams county and casp

Posted on: September 2, 2020

Colorado Air and Space Port (CASP) is excited to announce its next aerospace partner in New Frontier Aerospace (NFA), a California company with a mission to make rocket-powered transportation usable and practical across several fields, including medical, military, and home delivery. NFA announced its new partnership with CASP in a press release earlier today.

LIVERMORE, Calif. – Sept. 2, 2020 – PRLog — California-based New Frontier Aerospace (NFA) today announced an agreement with Colorado Air and Space Port (CASP) in Adams County, Colorado for ground and low altitude flight testing of its rocket-powered HyperDrone system.


(Not the NFA drone)

NFA’s hypersonic drone technology combines the best features of the helicopter and the high speed airplane. It can transport perishable medical supplies and transplant organs to patients in need; resupply military forces; and deliver high-priority parcels to homes and businesses – 6 times faster than commercial jets and 30 times faster than conventional drones.

“NFA is bringing a completely new and unique technology to the market and is exactly the kind of innovative company that we want to see at CASP. We are very excited to be a part of their development efforts,” said Dave Ruppel, the Director of the Colorado Air and Space Port.

“As America’s hub for commercial space transportation, research and development, the Colorado Air and Space Port is the ideal place for NFA to conduct these important tests,” said Bill Bruner, CEO of New Frontier Aerospace.

NFA is supported by i-GATE, operator of Daybreak Labs in Livermore, California – an incubator for hard tech startups on a mission to change the world. i-GATE was founded by the City of Livermore, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories (California).

All Major Aviation Associations:

FAA Should Reconsider Unmanned Hypersonic Drone Tests Over Denver

hypersonic drone

Oct. 8, 2020

Citing threats to aviation safety, NBAA, Air Line Pilots Association International, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Airlines for America, and the American Association of Airport Executives.

this week urged the FAA to reconsider an agreement with New Frontier Aerospace to test unmanned hypersonic drone rockets at the Colorado Air and Space Port (CASP).


The former Front Range Airport is within 6 miles of Denver International Airport (DEN), and industry leaders believe these tests “will create unnecessary safety hazards and airspace conflicts in proximity to a commercial airport that is critical to the safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System (NAS).”

To minimize airspace and safety impacts, the FAA and CASP said during the launch license application process that the vehicles would be limited to those “capable of takeoffs and landings characteristics similar to conventional aviation.” In its formal response to the application, the FAA said that “operational parameters” confining spaceport operations to ensure the safe and efficient use of the NAS would be codified between CASP and Denver International Airport.

Unfortunately, no such formal agreement has been reached to date.

CASP is a busy general aviation airport, and the letter notes the latest announcement about the hypersonic drone tests is “alarming in its ramifications for safety and airspace impacts on tens of millions of travelers who travel through Denver International each year, and on local general aviation operations.”

Finding these experimental rocket drone tests inappropriate for the Denver airspace and inconsistent with the FAA’s approval of the license application, the letter urged the administrator, “at a minimum,” that the FAA require “an environmental assessment of the safety, airspace, and community impacts” of the tests.

joint industry letter


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  1. If you actually are concerned with what is happening at CASP you should probably talk to someone at CASP or NFA. You did neither before releasing these articles. Nothing that you put into these articles is true. What is stated in the industry group letter is true. If you actually want to report the truth I recommend that you contact me. What you have reported here is not even close to accurate and mainly reflects the intentions of all of the groups involved to attack CASP.

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