ACSF’s ASAP good numbers, ERC solutions?

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ACSF’s Aviation Safety Action Program Surpasses 5,000 Reports

Third party ASAP manager collected reports from Participants

Data Base large enough to be statistically reliable?

ACSF’s Event Review Committee Proactive Suggestions?

About seven years ago, the Air Charter Safety Foundation and two of its Part 135 operators initiated an ASAP pilot program for both charter carriers and Part 91 operators. Now the ASAP program has 145 participating companies (67 Part 135 charter operators and 78 Part 91 flight departments), who voluntarily report and help resolve safety issues in a “non-threatening” environment.

ACSF is a non-profit aviation safety organization that provides programs to enable on-demand charter providers and fractional program managers to achieve the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry. To achieve this goal, the ACSF has entered into an agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration to enhance safety by providing a systematic approach for employees of the participants and correct potential safety hazards. The organization is a third-party ASAP program manager, qualified by the FAA to share, verify and mitigate aviation safety-related issues

The Foundation announced that it has surpassed 5,000 reports submitted by its participants into the ASAP data base.

“This is a major milestone, as these 5,000 safety events might not have been reported without the operators’ participation in the ASAP program,” said ACSF President Bryan Burns. “There’s a wealth of significant data being collected and shared, and we’ve partnered with the leading aviation safety organizations to integrate the data collection process into existing safety management systems.”

The Foundation has three executives assigned to the ASAP processing. It appears that their responsibilities include the Event Review Committee (ERC). Usually this group is composed of individuals drawn from the organization involved. The ERC is responsible for reviewing and analyzing the reports submitted, identifying the actual or potential safety problems from the information in the reports, and proposing solutions for those problems to the participating company. The ERC provides feedback to the individual who submitted the report through the ACSF ASAP manager. 




While achieving 5,000 reports is indicative of a data base which may be adequate information to support statistically reliable analyses, those trends are typically used to evaluate remedial responses. The ACSF release did not mention the quantity or quality of the proposed solutions. 



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