AA names Woman Captain as the DFW station’s Chief Pilot

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Quite honestly, aviation has been a male bastion for far too long. There were benevolent males who decided that “allowing” women to be professionals would somehow interfere with their roles as a wives and mothers; that misguided view was reversed by legislation and litigation. Another major career avenue for pilots, mechanics and controllers, the military blocked women from those bellicose, “male” jobs. That, too, thankfully, ended, too. The below linked story properly celebrates the promotion of Captain Kathi Durst(pictured above) as the first female chief pilot for American’s largest pilot base in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Captain Durst has earned this impressive position by forging a new path for women. She was in the second class of women to be admitted to the US Air Force Academy; she was among the initial group of women to take pilot training. Her impressive progress within the Air Force established her trajectory at her current employer. Her first first was her earning the position of the first female pilot in a Flight management leadership role in American’s history when she stepped up to assume the Fleet Captain position for the Boeing 737 fleet. Now her purview is all of the cockpit crew members at DFW.

Mindful of her pioneering, the Captain mentors others through the Women in Aviation International as well as participating in other community efforts in support of her fellow USAF comrades.

Great promotion AA and congratulations Captain Durst!

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