AA celebrates Bette Nash’s 60 years but fails to praise her safety work

Bette Nash and AA F/A safety training
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Bette Nash receiving her AA service pins

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 No mention of her safety contributions

CONGRATULATIONS, Bette Nash, a DCA domiciled American stewardess (her word choice), whose career started in 1957. The historic event attracted a lot of news attention, covering:




  • the glamour of her job

Bette Nash





  • her choice of a career






  • her friendliness and ability to make the passengers comfortable

Bette Nash greeting






  • her travels around the world











  • her career path—Mohawk, Eastern, Trump Shuttle and AA










yes, the Trump Shuttle













  • the most touching story her life as a single mom with a handicapped son

Bette Nash and son


Clearly, Bette Nash has had an exemplary career and seen it all from the DC-3 to the American DCA-BOS-DCA shuttle for which she is really an Ambassador.



With all of this publicity about this octogenarian Flight Attendant, it is unfortunate that neither American nor her Association of Professional Flight Attendants primed the media about Bette’s contributions under her FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency. There are literally hundreds of pictures of her, both from the celebration and her career, but only this one shows her work as a member of the aircraft safety crew.

Congress in 2003, in the Vision 100-Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act, established a flight attendant certification requirement. The regulatory requirements for flight attendants are lengthy and detailed:



A number of years ago, airline advertising emphasized the glamorous nature of the “stewardess” position. The unions have worked hard to change that image and actually lobbied to have the safety function incorporated in the 2003 Vision 100 Act.


This would have been a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to at least mention Ms. Nash’s role as a safety professional. Maybe just a picture of her recurrent flight attendant training.

AA recurrent F/A training


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