National Aviation Research and Technology Park adds Private Innovation to FAA Tech Center

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Aviation research park hailed as ‘silicon valley of the future’

Collocates FAA Tech Center and Private Innovators

Synergy expected like Silicon Valley

Academia (Stockton, ERAU and NJIIT) will add to stimulus

 The last few years of aviation has been marked by remarkable innovation and accelerated development. The stage of this explosion has been global. Credit to the State of New Jersey, the FAA Hughes Technical Center, Stockton University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,   General Dynamics Information Technology, the Atlantic County Executive, the Atlantic County Improvement Authority,  GDIT  and more have joined together to create the National Aviation Research and Technology Park . By bringing all of these assets together, the building is expected to become a catalyst for new ideas.







[Conference Center where ideas can be discussed.]

Perhaps not highlighted in the press, but a significant element of this silicon synergy is the presence of the FAA. Some of the most recent disruptive technology has not incorporated a high margin of safety; having the regulators nearby will serve as a reminder and a resource for this essential element of aviation.







“I feel like we have set the table for our guests to start networking,” said Shelley Yak, director of the Tech Center, who was also one of the partners in development of the park. The FAA provided the land free of charge, and the Atlantic County Improvement Authority financed, constructed and operates the $20 million building.





Some of the possibilities which the Park may generate are demonstrated by the Coalition supporting it and its proximity to other commercial and academic organizations:




Retired Representative LoBiondo was a dogged advocate for the Tech Center and his vision contributed to this exciting expansion of the facility and addition of related tenants.

















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