Youthful Aviation Dreamers may have Created Practical Solutions

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ARTICLE: Planes powered by cows, floating luggage and battery-powered aircraft: Just some of the aviation ideas dreamt up by engineers of the future

The inspiring of future generations (and perhaps more aptly the attraction of the best and the brightest) to aviation is essential to the innovation required to sustain the industry. Without such infusions of talent, an aileron will be found with buggy whips on the Wikipedia page for archaic transportation instruments.

As noted here before, UNESCO, Airbus, Air France and Stanford issued a global call for innovative aviation ideas from the world’s youth. The linked article summarizes some of the responses to this $40,000 (approximately) award competition:

  • Luggage floating on air – Team Levar from Brazil
  • Planes powered by cows – Team CLiMA from Australia
  • Shape-shifting materials that help reduce noise – Team AVAS from India
  • Battery-powered hybrid engines – Team Flybrid from Italy
  • Human body heat powering cabins – Team Embarker from Malaysia

Readers should click on the link and experience the imagination of the responses. Equally impressive is the fact that these are not the “comic” Dick Tracy wrist watch of the 195os, but the technical descriptions suggest that these ideas may be implementable soon.

“Fly 2013” is the competition’s tag line, but it may even be a real date for implementation.

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