Women as Aviation Role Models

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Schools Offering Drone Programs, but Learning to Fly Is Just the Start

Author – one of best aviation journalists

Subject- retired FAA attorney, drone advocate and one of 1st Part 107 pilots

Both excellent Women Aviation Role Models


In a New York Times article, one of aviation’s most respected reporters, Christine Negroni, has written about how drones serve as a useful enticement of students to try subjects which they writer in turbinemight not have ordinarily tried. The author’s aeronautical insights been found in The New York Times, Air & Space,the HuffingtonPost ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Air & Space Magazine, Executive Travel Magazine, Parade, and a number of local newspapers and television stations. Ms. Negroni’s opinions have also frequently found here for her unusually insightful analyses of a variety of aviation subjects:

Unlike many others in the Fifth Column, this journalist knows her subject and describes the technicalities of this business accurately.

drone pilot flying droneHer NYT article begins with a story about Girls in Aviation Day. There she met a Loretta Alkalay[1], a retired FAA regional counsel and now drone enthusiast, advocate and one of the first FAA certificated Part 107 remote (i.e. drone) pilots.


At this event sponsored by Women in Aviation, Ms. Alkalay captivated    the audience as she launched her Phantom (one of 5) quad copter into the air and held it in a hover. Ms. Negroni observed:



“The students, ages 12 to 17, looked eager to give it a try. And that is the point.”

“From programming, software coding, 3-D printing, it’s limitless,” Ms. Alkalay said. 
“Everything you do with computers and airplanes or helicopters, you can do with drones.”

There is a long list of aviatrixes for students to try to emulate:

Early Women Pioneers of Aviation @ Boeing plus United’s support today

National Aviation Hall of Fame recognizes Women in Aviation

BOEING says Women could fill critical positions in Aviation

Great Aviation Leader dies with long list of Achievements- a WASP and so much more–Women in Aviation Scholarship ?

famous aviatrix

And there are some, not as a celebrated, women professionals in this field:

Professional Aviation Engineer sets an Example for other Women to follow her Trail

National Aviation Hall of Fame recognizes Women in Aviation

News about Women in Aviation
Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 



The contributions of Ms. Alkalay and Ms. Negroni in their attracting others to follow their examples, qualify them as Women Aviation Role Models.


LorettaChristine Negroni


[1] Ms. Alkalay technically reported to the author of this post. A fact which she never willingly acknowledged

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