Why rent when you can own a Part 135 Certificate?

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Renting a 135 Certificate can be like hugging a cactus!Many corporate operators have placed their aircraft on another company’s Part 135 certificate to avoid having to obtain their own, yet at the same time collecting charter revenues. However, operation of passenger-carrying flights for hire requires that the actual provider of the air transportation hold the air carrier certificate. 

All Part 135 operators must retain ultimate authority over initiating, conducting and terminating flights and may not surrender its operational control responsibilities to an individual or company that is not a certificate holder. Once an operator surrenders operational control, they open themselves up to some very prickly problems!

In many cases, the FAA has concluded that the arrangement between the corporate aircraft owner and the charter company was no more than a “rent a certificate sham.” As a result, there have been record fines, certificate suspensions and revocations and now the threat of jail time for flying illegal Part 135 flights.

To help eliminate this risk, JDA has developed 135Pro™. 135Pro™ is a simple, inexpensive way for corporate flight departments to gain charter revenues with their own Part 135 certificate. Once you subscribe to 135Pro™, we will be there with you every step of the way. Our service includes mentoring and training of company personnel and coordination and interface with the FAA .

Avoid the prickly risks of renting a 135 certificate and help us understand the needs of Part 91 operators by taking take a quick survey.

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2 Comments on "Why rent when you can own a Part 135 Certificate?"

  1. Hi,

    I would like to know how we can start our own 135 pro./???

    we own a piper chieftain and would like to put on 135 certificate.



  2. Jonas Mongenot writes,

    We own a flight school and would like to add a 135 certificate to incorporate our own carrier.

    Please send us more info about the 135 pro.


    Jonas Mongenot
    Global Pilot Training center

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