Why Airport Security Is Broken and How to Fix It

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News Article: Why Airport Security Is Broken and How to Fix It

Mr. Hawley’s five fixes to enhance the effectiveness of TSA are great suggestions; no wonder, he was a very able TSA Administrator and has excellent, practical insights. The TSA mission is akin to lining up the defense on football team on the goal line and trying to stop the opponent’s offense from scoring. Why do we do it? Why is the first “line of defense” for airport and airline security when the passengers are in the terminal?  Probably so the public has a sense that there is security being applied in a highly visible fashion; it increases the passengers’ comfort even if it is done in an annoying way.

The most effective use of TSA’s resources derives from its intelligence division and the collateral support from the CIA, DIA, etc. These human and technology networks are identifying and interdicting threats before the “bad guys” get to the airport. By definition, the details of this work cannot be routinely reported. Periodically, a person intending to do harm is arrested and prosecuted. We all should support the work and funding of these anonymous assets that are our best weapon against terrorism at airport before entering the terminal and in the homeland.

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