Where is the Administration going on General Aviation?

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FAA Administrator Will Not Be Attending The Show

Reportedly ‘In Discussions’ With Senator Inhofe

These two headlines cause anyone in aviation to pause and wonder – what is this Administration’s position on General Aviation. The current position of the White House is to impose user fees in spite of overwhelming and bipartisan opposition. The Administrator then issues an edict, sequestration driven, to compel EAA to pay half a million dollars for air traffic services at AirVenture.

Then the Administrator and the NTSB Chair both announce that they will not attend AirVenture, which heretofore had been the federal government’s primary outreach to this segment of aviation. All of those decisions define a pretty clear line of policy decisions – a negative slope!

Now comes the new Secretary and according to Senator Inhofe, he is considering rescinding the FAA’s charge. That could be a random response due to an encounter with a key Senator or maybe a signal that the Honorable Mr. Foxx has a different view?

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