Virgin America’s Creative Media more likely to Convey Important Safety Message

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Virgin America Remixes The Safety Video: Airline’s New Safety Video Set To Song And Dance


How many times have you been on board an aircraft, the flight attendants request your attention and you tune out the message because you have heard it before? That’s unfortunate, because the details of that safety briefing, if the unlikely event occurs, will save your life. Ask the 305 passengers who survived the Asiana Flight 214 flight.

The creative folks at Virgin America, who bring passengers some of the best on board service, recognized that the standard approach to conveying this critical information is lost on its audience. The highlighted video, which they produced, is guaranteed to grab the attention of even the most grizzled passenger. The music, the movement, the flair and the showmanship compel all eyes to look at the screen and to absorb every detail.

This video should receive a Safety Media Star award for the producers fully understood the risks of their passengers not listening and created a response which addressed that deficiency.

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