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ARTICLE: Stand up for O’Hare, Rahm

As noted in a JDA post on March 23, the future of Chicago’s aviation access to a global economy will not just be solved by adding capacity on the ground. Pouring more concrete at O’Hare does not add to the flow of traffic because of the geometry of the existing airports and most importantly the current/future congestion in the airspace of the airports and their air traffic transition to the en route environment. There are a lot of new technologies being developed and implemented by the FAA. This new equipment and the associated procedures will squeeze more traffic into the “TRACON,” the AT environment immediately adjacent to the takeoff and landing lines. A careful and unbiased assessment of that added capacity, performed by JDA, found that the new runways soon congested the system and added little new throughput.

The future of Chicago, like other major metropolitan areas (New York, Washington, San Francisco, South Florida), is to add a third airport or to recognize (like Dallas/Fort Worth and Denver) that existing facilities have limits and create new real capacity by building a facility for the future.

Relying on pouring more concrete at ORD is not the answer.

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