Two Airports explore Options to Improve your experience in their Facilities

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Two airport initiatives, one a service and the other involving technology, are being tried to see if the time spent in terminals can be improved. Both are promising.

The passenger experience has become increasingly daunting. Gone are the days of elegant travel of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Today, the TSA maze, long lines, delayed (now more are cancelled) flights and crowded lobbies now define the time embarking and disembarking airplanes. There are few reports that travelers enjoy this transportation transition.

The management of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) is trying to improve your time in their neighborhood. They know the power of information to enhance situations both tactically and strategically. CVG has contracted with the technology side of Lockheed Martin (not the aircraft folks) to install Chroma Airport Collaboration Database (ChromaACDB), a system that helps airports track the progress of passengers moving through their facility.

Do not worry the machines do not know who you are, but they can measure the flows through various choke points (read TSA). That knowledge will be displayed on screens; so you can adjust your route to the path of least resistance. The airport team can use the same information to let TSA know to respond with extra staffing in real time and also consider changes to the terminal’s layout.

The folks at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport are trying something different. They recognized that with delayed flights, you might need a place to sleep. Another observation was that some travelers, particularly international, would appreciate a bath or shower on arrival or just before their flight. The ATL management issued a contract with Minute Suites for short term sleep units and showers. Such thoughtfulness should result in happier patrons of the airport and hopefully those individuals will book their flights using the world’s busiest airports.

What both of these efforts signify is that the people, who run these large public entities, no longer think of you as the airline’s passengers transiting their buildings, but as ATL’s and CVG’s customers. That’s means that you can expect better service at these two terminals and at other airports.

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