Twitter Inspired Statistical Analytics may Contribute to Aviation Safety

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ARTICLE:  Safety Analytics in the Air and on the Ground


This is an interesting commentary on a recent article “NASA Uses Text Analytics to Bolster Aviation Safety.” The statistical analytics that are being used to detect trends on social media like Twitter are being assessed by NASA for potential use in aviation safety applications. To quote the critical thought of the NASA work:

“Data, like text, can be analyzed in different ways using a variety of methods, such as algorithms and visualizations, which enables NASA and other agencies to keep tabs on what’s trending, whether certain events are increasing or decreasing, and what might lead to possible runway incursions.

Srivastava compared this to the proactive stance businesses take when driving their own growth or mitigating their own risk: Like the business community, NASA and other agencies are attempting to develop hypotheses, strategies and techniques that can be implemented to help identify problems before they occur.”

“And this whole system is dependent on analytics…”

ASRS, FOQA, VDRP, SMS and a whole host of data collection and assessment systems have added to the ability of NASA and FAA to identify trends, to move from reactive to proactive and to enhance safety. It will be interesting to see whether this Twitter inspired statistical analysis will improve the performance of aviation safety.

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