Tribune Travel Writer Explains NextGen to his readers; Copy it and Pass it on

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ARTICLE: Top consumer issues in travel: NextGen

The Administration does not seem to see the merits of investing in NextGen, witness that its FY 2015 budget reduces the proposed outlay by $65 million. The above-linked Chicago Tribune article does a superb job of advocating investment of tax dollars in this vital infrastructure.

This is not a trade press review of the program written in acronyms and filled with high-tech verbiage; it is a mass media writer expressing the value of NextGen in terms which his readers can comprehend. Ed Perkins, a travel editor, summarized well what this technology will bring to his readers/passengers:

§ In general terms

· Improved safety

· Reduced delays

· Better flight paths

· Increased capacity

§ In specific terms, examples:

· ADS-B Out

· ADS-B In

Mr. Perkins displayed his real understanding of NextGen and politics by closing with the following closing sentences:

What you can do: As users of the air transport system, you have a big stake in NextGen.

— If you agree, I suggest you ask your senators and representative to get with the program and provide adequate funding.

— You can educate yourself about the details of NextGen by looking at the FAA’s official site at It’s a bit technical but worth the effort of plowing through the details.

— You can also keep up with developments by logging onto the Consumer Travel Alliance at and visiting its blog at

Without NextGen, you can look for more delays, cancellations and congestion as traffic continues to grow. NextGen is our best hope to make air travel better, not worse, in coming years.

Great analysis and superb insights, Mr. Perkins! Hopefully other newspapers

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