Top 10 Safety Advice from NBAA should be shared with all Aviation Professionals

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NBAA is well known for its history of bringing the best safety practices to its members. The professionals who manage this sector of NBAA’s mission are as talented and as deep as any other aviation organization and they provide answers on a real time basis . The association produces webinars, seminars and other learning opportunities.

NBAA issued their Top 10 points on which their members should focus, including:

· Professionalism

· Positive Safety Culture

· Single-Pilot Safety

· Fitness for Duty

· Airport Safety

· Airmanship Skills

· Distraction Management

· Public Policy

· Talent Pipeline

· Technology Management

On the original web page there are additional links to more detailed information about each topic. This is an impressive compendium of great advice and superb resources.

NBAA represents companies which use aircraft for their businesses. The points of emphasis, like single-pilot safety, are relevant to their operations, but everyone involved in aviation would be well advised to share this Top 10 with all of their aviation professionals

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