Three Independent Data points indicating Strength in the Business Aviation Segment

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ARTICLE: Bizjets Continue to Rise as Turboprops Stumble

ARTICLE: Ex-Im Pledges $2B in Financing for U.S.-made Bizcraft

ARTICLE: The Alliance Announces that All 50 States Have Issued Official Recognitions of Aviation


Aviation, which bases its business on lift, has been known to use hype in its pronouncements; publicists occasionally issue statements which contain words, which if carefully vetted, are more predictive terms than statement of hard facts. That said, that three different articles, all announcing some proof that business aircraft sales are positive, defeats any notion of inflation here.

The first story is based on GAMA’s announcement of the deliveries of business aircraft. The general segment of business jets rose 19.4% with individual manufacturer numbers ranging between 10 and 67 percent. The numbers for turboprops were not as positive. Piston powered aircraft grew a respectable 21%. Much of the strength was attributable to international customers.

The next article shows the recognition of the value of export of this category of airplanes by the Export-Import Bank. That financing facilitator, the subject of criticism for its support of sales of commercial airliners for foreign air carriers, has increased its portfolio of funds available for the export of the business aircraft to $2,000,000,000.That’s a doubling of the previous year’s target. Such an announcement by a hard number driven organization is a very sound confirmation of a positive trend in the sales of US business aircraft.

The tertiary confirmation of the strength of business aviation comes from the Alliance for Aviation, which announced that this GA aircraft group has successfully encouraged all 50 states to recognize the importance of this business to each state. While such “acknowledgements” may seem individually trivial, the fact that every state in the Union has taken the time to make such pronouncements shows the depth of the business aviation industry’s grass roots efforts. Certainly Congress has recognized and maybe the White House will recognize such support in considering/reconsidering user fees.

At a time when military sales are not the favorites of the Administration, it is good news that the commercial and business segments are elevating.

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