This Loss is Not Easy to Cope With

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Video: Plane with wing walker Jane Wicker crashes at Ohio air show


No business venture is without its risks and the only 100% riskless aviation venture never takes off. Aerobatics and wing walking, in particular, involve knowing and addressing all of the potential problems.

Jane Wicker knew exactly where her boundaries existed and prepared for all of her known disasters. She was ready to respond to them. Whatever happened in Dayton June 21 was not on her ready list.

Ms. Wicker was also a budget analyst for the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization.

Tragedies are part of the life of those in aviation. The fact that we have to deal with such losses more than other occupations does not make it any easier.

So sad to lose someone who loved aviation so deeply as her avocation and who worked 9 to 5 on her vocation.

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