The Secret Service is entering the UAS operator field, testing in DC

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A UAS recently landed on the White House grounds recently and caused quite a stir. The above photograph shows Uniformed Secret Service officers searching for evidence related to this incident. As surprising as it was to learn that the White House security periphery could be pierced by such a vehicle, it is now disturbing that the organization responsible for the President’s safety is NOW testing to see how such a reoccurrence can be prevented.

The news, which has highlighted the transformational nature of this new technology, has been unparalleled. The general populace is aware of the UAS’s incredible operational parameters. The White House was part of a high level review team which passed on the FAA rules. Someone from the Secret Service’s parent organization, the Department of Homeland Security, must have participated, too. Obviously they must have known.

The FAA, according to the linked article, has granted the Secret Service authority to test UAS flights over DC in undefined areas, at undefined hours, and under unknown parameters. All civilian UASs are prohibited from flying within Washington and over people anywhere.

There are drones designed to interdict “Peeping Tom” UAS. Might such an available option work?  There must be lots of other practical, known alternatives for the Secret Service.

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