Santa Monica Airport

Santa Monica Airport

What’s Left of Santa Monica Airport?

On January 28, the aviation community woke up to a shocking announcement about the future of the Santa Monica Airport. The timing, as the Obama Administration left and the Trump Team arrived, added to both confusion and conspiracy theories. That the precise language of the FAA announcement and the City’s PR Release varied in important details added to the controversy and mystery.

faa smo santa monica airport compromise

The terms of the Santa Monica “Compromise” are not clear; their resolution may impact Airport & the FAA Direction in the Trump Administration

The Santa Monica Airport has been one of the most difficult airport policy battles for almost 40 years. What the proposed agreement really means and whether the Trump Administration intends to let it stand will not only be a landmark airport decision, but it may influence FAA policy direction for years.

cpa smo earthquake exercise

California Pilots Association’s DART exercise shows that Santa Monica has an important, irreplaceable asset for the City

The California Pilots Association (CPA) initiated a disaster-preparedness exercise designed for FEMA’s Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART) for the Southern California region. It demonstrated as though a major earthquake has disrupted the area’s ground transportation and compromised the ordinary means of bringing emergency personnel and supplies.

Is the FAA a “shill” for corporations or is Rep. Lieu’s juicy quote designed to get aired on the Evening News programs back home?

Rep. Liue’s language insinuates that Administrator Huerta and Eduardo Angeles, the FAA Associate Administrator for Airports, are bidding for private concerns. Here are the precise words: “The FAA’s mission is not to be a shill for corporations. I call on the FAA to live up to its mission by rescinding its overreaching order and, instead, work with the city of Santa Monica.”