Benjamin Franklin on the FBO Pricing and Transparency Revolt

Aviation needs to hang together or hang separately Reduced Rhetoric Resolve Issues on Micro Basis Having just signed the Declaration of Independence, the senior Delegate from Pennsylvania turned to his colleagues and spoke this famous…

Orange County FBO award battle

Signature Flight Support Corporation filed a Part 13 Complaint against John Wayne Airport (SNA). The dollars to be dedicated to this SNA FBO award contest could well have been avoided at several points in the management of SNA.

faa smo santa monica airport compromise

The terms of the Santa Monica “Compromise” are not clear; their resolution may impact Airport & the FAA Direction in the Trump Administration

The Santa Monica Airport has been one of the most difficult airport policy battles for almost 40 years. What the proposed agreement really means and whether the Trump Administration intends to let it stand will not only be a landmark airport decision, but it may influence FAA policy direction for years.