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GAO Report sheds some light on the specific FAA certification problems

The Transportation & Infrastructure Committee held a hearing last week on the subject of the FAA’s efforts to improve their certification process. The main focus of the testimony from/questioning of Boeing, Duncan Aviation, FAA, NTSB…

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WikiLeaks and News Report fail to understand Sovereign-to-Sovereign Aviation Regulatory Communications

ARTICLE: US fears about Australian airlines’ safety revealed Because it comes from Wiki Leaks and because headlines tend to be sensational, the natural conclusion is that the sky must have been falling in Australia. In…

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ICAA’s attainment of ICAO Top 20 list must inspire Constant Attention to Safety Culture

ARTICLE: ISRAELI CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY IS AMONG WORLD’S TOP 20 AGENCIES As often mentioned, the drive for safety culture is tenuous and requires constant attention. The Israeli Civil Aviation Authority has demonstrated that hypothesis- having…