Super Bowl XL VIII’s TFR will Badly Disrupt Airline Flight Schedules

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ARTICLE: Already congested airspace over northern NJ a focus of Super Bowl planning


This article talks cogently about the problems of the hundreds of business aircraft which ordinarily fly into and out of EWR and TET for the Super Bowl. The congestion on the ground at those two facilities is not the prime problem. Those airplanes can either be based at or ferry to LaGuardia, JFK, White Plains, MacArthur, Stewart, Trenton Mercer County, Farmingdale, Morristown and Republic. That’s plenty of capacity to service these aircraft while their passengers are at the game.

The selection of this Super Bowl site is likely to cause major disruptions to air transportation.

The NFL is a smart organization. They had to know that the distance between MetLife Stadium and Newark Liberty International is a mere 12.93 miles (see above MapQuest road distance measurement) and that Teterboro Airport less than 5 miles away. They must know that those facilities constitute massive aviation assets for those coming to the Super Bowl plus the global commerce which flows through the two airports.

The NFL is most conscious of security and must have anticipated that the FAA must impose a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) covering a massive amount of airspace surrounding MetLife Stadium before, during and after the Super Bowl. Those prohibitions against flights for a substantial period of time will impact many flights.

The Super Bowl will bring millions of dollars to the greater NYC economy. The closure of EWR for hours will impact the major flight banks of United/Continental, Delta and American/USAirways all with major domestic and international hubs at this airport. Due to the High Density Rules, the carriers cannot move their equipment to LGA or JFK to provide service while Liberty is closed. That really means lost revenue and disruptions of aircraft schedules akin to a major weather event.

NFL, as you consider your next site for the XLX Super Bowl site, after Glendale, AZ in 2016, please analyze what the necessary security rules will do to the nation’s airlines if the stadium is near an airport.

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