Business Aviation Big Data Apostle earns FSF Plaudit

steve Charbonneau flight safety award
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Steve Charbonneau

FSF Business Aviation Meritorious Service Award

steve charbonneau nbaa altriaFSFoundation President Jon Beatty used the platform of the Business Aviation Safety Summit to recognize Steve Charbonneau, Senior Manager, Aviation Training and Standards at Altria Group Inc. and Chair of the NBAA Safety Committee. The business aviation pilot and safety leader received the Foundation’s Business Aviation Meritorious Service Award for his pioneering efforts in the collection, analysis and sharing of aviation safety data and information in business aviation. More specifically Beatty cited the pilot’s passion and commitment to the cause of safety, and for the mentoring and leadership roles he has embraced.

aviation safety information analysis sharing

The aviation industry has achieved higher levels of safety performance largely based on the collection and analysis of data. The first such initiative was CAST and the airlines’ reliance on Mega Data to provide statistically information which justifies proactive risk reductions.

The airlines have larger support staffs which can be dedicated to the tasks of assembling the information from multiple sources and forwarding it to a central place for creating the macro numbers. Taking on that assignment was not immediately welcomed by the smaller entities which compromise NBAA’s members.

That’s where Charbonneau became instrumental.

As noted by Mr. Beatty, the awardee was instrumental in the acceptance and implementation of corporate flight operational quality assurance (C-FOQA) in flight departments and management companies, and in the development and growth of C-FOQA Centerline. He served as head of the C-FOQA Steering Committee and helped grow the number of C-FOQA users. Charbonneau also worked with other shareholders to gain acceptance of the business and general aviation community into the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) system.

The real beneficiary of Steve’s efforts are the business operators. The ASIAS and C-FOQA analytical tools will define practical, realistic solutions. Mr. Charbonneau earned not only this prestigious award, but also the thanks of all who fly in this sphere of aviation.



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