Southwest Family’s Tragedy draws the Love from the Aviation Family

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When tragedy strikes an aviation family, the response of the flying community is a heart-warming indication of the nature of the people involved in our profession. The below linked article provides the details of Caleb and his Southwest Airlines family.

Caleb’s mom underwent cancer treatment during her pregnancy. The little boy is doing well, but sadly Karen Yao’s condition returned five years later. The Dad is a Southwest first officer and his flying mates have collected money to help with her medical bills. The fund was established this year and already they have raised $50,000 for the Yao’s. Here’s the link to the site where you can donate.

Mom and Dad, recognizing that the next birthday may be the last for all of them, decided that every such event in the future will be special for the boys. Karen asked Caleb what he wanted for his 6th birthday, March 16. Ms. Yao mentioned her son’s wish in her blog just in passing while describing the family’s odyssey.

Much to her surprise, as she and the boys returned from their karate class, the front stoop of their house was inundated with packages. The 70 boxes were filled with airplanes of all types and sizes. The fleet has grown to 250 and the birthday boy had so many gifts that he decided to give the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy to his older brother, Andrew who likes that massive military transport plane.

Aviation found it in its collective heart to distract this youngster from the woes of his Mom. If you have a moment and some available cash, you might consider giving to the fund for the Mom’s medical expenses.

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