AP & DOT IG ignore the solution to airline pilot competencyit’s not JUST an FAA function

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The AP and the DoT Office of Inspector General need to be more current on new rubric of aviation safety. The below story and the IG report concludes that THE FAA enhances its “ability to ensure that air carriers sufficiently address pilot monitoring and manual flying skills.” A proper headline would assess that the FAA and the airlines need to use their cooperative SMS process to resolve this problem.

First, the OIG’s “revelation” is not news to knowledgeable aviation professionals.

Second, even traditional FAA regulatory processes were not designed for the regulator to be the primary observers of flight proficiency. Yes, they review the training syllabus and occasionally inspectors fly in the cockpit. But no, the real burden has always been on the airline trainers and their check pilots.

Third, welcome to the new world of aviation safety. The airlines and the FAA jointly accumulate massive amounts of data, review the trend lines and cooperatively develop remedial, preventative solutions. That process is already addressing the OIG’s discovered problem!


ARTICLE: FAA failing to ensure airline pilots retain flying skills, report shows

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