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Thoughts From JDA’s Aviation Experts

Six months ago, we tried to enhance the content of this Journal. We scoured the aviation information websites to find interesting concepts or issues on aviation safety. Occasionally we strayed a bit to add some humor, to remember the history that makes our business so rich and to memorialize fellow professionals who have added to the strength of aviation.

Our goal has been to be provocative—with heavy emphasis on stimulating thought and without trying to stir up controversy. We have covered pilots, mechanics, the FAA from the Administrator to the staff, OEMs, Part 145 facilities, air carriers–large to small, airports—hubs to rural, NextGen, new science, developments in engineering, new methodologies to assess/predict safety, the NTSB, flight attendants, safety professionals, SMS, VDRP, the Hill, sanitation engineering facilities, sport aircraft and everything/anything relating to aviation safety.

We would like to hear from you—HOW HAVE WE DONE? Use the comment section below to give us feedback on

  • what you have liked,
  • what you want to see more of as post subjects,
  • what subjects should get less/no coverage,
  • what about the tone (too serious, not technical enough) or
  • whatever you would like to say about these posts.

THANKS FOR READING THESE PAGES, THANKS FOR ANY COMMENTS and we will try to incorporate your suggestions in future posts.

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