There are serious consequences to violating the FARs

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Florida Flight School Owner Pleads Guilty on Fraud Charges

Flying without Certificates

Falsification and Wire Fraud

Violation results in Significant Sanctions

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It is easy to forget that violations of the Federal Aviation Regulations matter. Yes, there has been a Sea Change from rigid Enforcement Practices to Compliance and Cooperation Philosophy, but that should not be equated as a total laissez-faire. There are consequences and Mr. Robert Charles Jones Brady’s plea demonstrates that the laws will be enforced.



Here are the charges and facts of Mr. Brady’s case:


Charges to which he pleaded

  • operating an aircraft without an airman's certificate,
  • wire fraud,
  • falsification of records in a Federal investigation.



  • Brady, through Beach, received compensation for numerous charter flights and flight instruction services without authorization
    from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    • All of his legitimate FAA certificates were revoked in 2016, but he continued to operate aircraft.
    • Brady used a fleet of single-, multi-, and jet-engine aircraft in multiple schemes
      • to defraud the Government, airmen, and the flying public. 
  • He fraudulently endorsed student pilot logbooks as belonging to FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFI),
    • directed Beach employees to do the same, although Brady and many of his flight instructors were not CFIs.
    • Brady even hired unqualified foreign nationals to act as CFIs. Many student pilots later learned that FAA would not honor their training
  • Brady advertised domestic and international charter flights, even though he and Beach did not have FAA authorization to engage
    as a commercial carrier for hire.
  • Agents identified at least 700 charter flights in which passengers paid for travel to and from South Florida, the Bahamas, and 
    other domestic locations. In addition,
  • Brady piloted many of the commercial flights in an aircraft he was not certified to fly.


DOT-OIG conducted this investigation with FAA’s assistance.


It is hard to determine whether the defendant was brilliantly deceptive or whether the FAA having revoked the Beach Aviation certificate in 2016 did not detect these blatant violations over that time.


Other recent FAA decisions as to violations are somewhat confusing given the Compliance Regime. This sanction not only would make sense before the change but helps delimit the FAA prosecutorial policy under today’s new approach. DO NOT PASS GO; GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL.


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