Sen. Inhofe Announces Drafting Pilots Bill of Rights II; Asks for Ideas From You

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ARTICLE: Sen. James Inhofe interviewed by AOPA Pres. Craig Fuller


The senior Senator from Oklahoma is interviewed by AOPA’s President Craig Fuller; you should click on the above link and then listen to the 26 minute conversation about aviation issues on the Hill. The Senator’s perspectives on all of these issues are fascinating and merit your taking the time to listen.

To whet your whistle, here are a few (emphasis: FEW ) of the highlights of the interview:

  • The Senator knew Secretary Foxx before he was nominated and did not make that friendship public until after he was confirmed!
  • The Senator and the Secretary talked about the FAA’s charging EAA about $500,000 for the AirVenture© services; Foxx is reviewing that charge.
  • The Senator relates some of the behind-the-scenes politics which led to his Pilots Bill of Rights passage – fascinating stuff particularly since there were no Senate or House hearings!
  • The Senator is drafting a Pilots Bill of Rights II and he welcomes input from aviation about the FAA’s enforcement and other practices; he held a session at AirVenture © to hear ideas; you might send your thoughts here.
  • and much more!!!

The Senator clearly loves aviation; this is his 34th consecutive visit to the EAA Fly-in. He recognizes that there are great people within the FAA and yet acknowledges that there are both problems and problematic employees there, too.

The introduction of the Inhofe Bill of Rights II will be assiduously tracked here.

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