Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)

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Reference:  Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)

One of the challenges in aviation safety is moving from a reactive to a proactive preventative regime. The response to an accident or incident is driven by the facts of that case and is usually strongly influenced by the pressure to fix the problems identified in a high profile crash. The public and the press want it fixed NOW. This report about the Safety Management International Collaboration Group (FAA, EASA, Transport Canada- founders and now the CAAs of seven other countries and ICAO as an observer) is most encouraging as a matter of simple statistics.

The larger the safety report data base becomes it creates a broader and more reliable resource on which to address preventative actions. Each of these CAAs collects data and analysis of number trends may be the basis of regulatory actions; however, with a smaller sample, the greater the reluctance of an individual agency to initiate a response. Reliability and probability increase exponentially with the larger the sample. Thus, the sharing of data by the  SMICG could be potentially one of the biggest gains for aviation safety.

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