Ryder Cup Tickets impossible to getAviation has a solution for that!

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Ryder Cup Seaplane

The USA has not beaten Europe for 8 years. This year’s Team America had a chance to win. The Ryder Cup was to be battled on the beautiful, fan friendly Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, MN. Tickets sold quickly and the prices on the internet escalated as it looked like the home team might win.

hazeltine lake ryder cup

As with any such much-in-demand event, the peripheral security is even better than the TSA ring around any airport. What’s an avid golfer to do when watching on a BIG screen TV is not real enough?

Well, if that fanatic also is an aviator and owns a plane with pontoons, he has a solution for that. That seaplane becomes a SEEplane with a great view of the Ryder Cup mayhem.

ryder cup seaplane lake hazeltine

TRUAIR LLC owns N298T, a Piper PA-18 105 with a Lycoming reciprocal engine. The corporation, which is listed as the plane’s registered owner, has a nearby address. It appears that walking to the course could have been an option.

ryder cup lake hazeltine

Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight was not amused. He pointed out that the local ordinance made it illegal. His department was tasked to arrest the errant aviator. The fire department motor boat had a mechanical; so “row,row, row your boat became their motivating mantra.

ryder cup airplane

“I’m just incredulous that anybody would think this is OK,” Knight said. “In today’s world and environment with everything going on, to think it’s OK to violate airspace in this way is the most imbecilic thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Knight said the plane will remain in the middle of the lake until the Ryder Cup ends. When the event is over the man can get back to his plane; until then, Knight said, the man is ‘afoot.’

A passenger in the plane was also escorted off the lake and cited. In addition to being cited for violating city ordinance, the pilot was also reported to the FAA Flight Standards Service, which sets standards for certification and oversight of pilots.


ARTICLE: Pilot landing on Lake Hazeltine ‘most imbecilic thing’ police chief has ever seen
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  1. There was no TFR or even a NOTAM. The city passed an ordinance that no one was to use the lake. As a pilot, how would someone know that the published seaplane base was off limits?

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