River Landing in Idaho influenced by Idaho Resident’s movie???

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NTSB, FAA investigating Snake River helicopter crash, pilot won’t talk to authorities

Idaho Pilot crashes plane in River

Was he influenced by Idahoan Clint Eastwood’s Sully?

NTSB investigators portrayed as protagonists – discourage future pilot cooperation?


ASOTIN COUNTY, WA (KLEW) — The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the crash that left a helicopter at the bottom of the Snake River on Saturday.

Local authorities said Tuesday there is nothing else they can do without talking to the two men who were inside and at least one of them is refusing to talk to law enforcement.

The NTSB is now leading the investigation after the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office says they took over for Nez Perce County. The pilot, Alex Jobe of Sammamish and Lewis Weiss of Duval, w[h]ere [sic] able to escape the sinking helicopter but drove off without talking to law enforcement

Asotin County Undersheriff Jody Brown says an Asotin city police officer pulled over Jobe on Monday. Other than assuring law enforcement he was not hurt, Undersheriff Brown described Jobe as uncooperative.

Authorities say Jobe told them to contact his lawyer for further questions.

“It just kind of leaves us wondering, ‘What happened? Why’d it happen? Is this the actual story? Was it just a misguided attempt at some fun? Who knows,’” Undersheriff Brown says. “It seems like we’re not going to be able to get the whole puzzle pieces put together.”

No charges have been filed at this time and neither Jobe nor Weiss are under any obligation to speak with law enforcement.

The crash that brought the helicopter down was reportedly a mechanical issue but officials have not been able to confirm it at this time. The aircraft was pulled out of the river on Sunday.

On Tuesday, KLEW called a King County, Washington number belonging to a man named Alex Jobe. The person who answered said “no comment” before hanging up.

Fortunately, it is rare for pilots and others involved in aviation accidents to refuse to talk. That willingness to participate in the investigation is essential to advance aircraft safety. Partially that acceptance to assist is encouraged and supported by the policies against criminalization of accidents which is followed by the US and most foreign legal systems.

So, why might a pilot from Idaho refuse to assist in determining the cause of this accident? His explanation might identify a mechanical problem which could be rectified or his description of his flight might provide insights into how to avoid a crash in the future.

(Clint Eastwood, pilot including helicopter rating)

It could be {to repeat: there is NO INDICATION that this is true} that Mr. Jobe saw SULLY.

Perhaps, Libertarian Eastwood may have not recognized that while his portrayal of the NTSB investigators as the antagonists made the movie more dramatic, it could harm future aviation safety investigations!!! That depiction had the unintended hopefully consequence of deterring pilots from participating in the Star Chamber interrogation, which it was not:

The public, as well as pilots and others in the aviation industry, who see the film may get the wrong impression that investigators were trying to smear the pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, they said.

“We’re not the KGB. We’re not the Gestapo,” said Robert Benzon, who led the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation. “We’re the guys with the white hats on.”

The film, scheduled for release in theaters on Friday, portrays investigators as more like prosecutors looking for any excuse to blame Sullenberger for the mishap.

Eastwood’s Literary License In SULLY May Harm Aviation Safety

As Senator Warner implied, the work of public servants is not fully appreciated and frequently unfairly criticized. Further, when the literary license casts an important governmental function in an inappropriately negatively light,    THAT’S MOST UNFORTUNATE!!!








If Mr. Jobe was influenced in any way by the Eastwood hatchet job on the NTSB investigation, future aviation safety was the victim.




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2 Comments on "River Landing in Idaho influenced by Idaho Resident’s movie???"

  1. While I’m all for intelligent, rational discussion, the straw-man assertion of the influence of the movie Sully lacks no basis beyond guesswork, and is hardly professional. To attempt to connect the pilot’s refusal to provide a statement outside legal counsel with a movie, especially when the thin connection is that the producer lives in Idaho, is ridiculous. JDA Journal submits some thought provoking articles that are well worth reading: this is not one of them. Short of the publishing deadline and grasping at straws?

  2. Thank for the compliment. yes, there is no direct causal relationship between Snake River and the Hudson River, but the notion that the Sully move may cause pilots not to talk to the NTSB was first articulated by two NTSB investigators. If think that it is a stretch, the investigators disagree

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